Sunday, December 4, 2016

Aleva Naturals **Review Post


I hope you're experiencing copious amounts of Sunday sweetness and glowing skin.

Way to switch that greeting up, eh?

Today I'm beyond chuffed. I've been getting extra snuggles from Baby Namastè as he is a teething, front-tooth cutting mess. When Baby Namastè's a little crabby, typically from Wonder Weeks or most recently teething, I like to put him in his duck bath and let him splash around. He is like a little turtle.

Baby Namastè has never had a diaper rash, or any skin issue. I credit that, in part, to our preference for natural products. He gets coconut oil baths often, and we stay away from chemicals. Some baby products smell absolutely amazing but when a company offers a natural line in addition to a not natural one, it gives me cause to pause.

Note: Do what you love with your babies, tribe. I offer many opinions, experiences, and insights for you to ponder, but I don't sit high and look low to scrutinize your decisions.

Enter Aleva Naturals!

Aleva Naturals is a maternal and baby care company based in Ontario, Canada. In addition to being dermatologist approved and pediatrician recommended, their products are 100% natural, chemical free, and even vegan-approved. Everything is certified organic.

This product was provided in exchange for my honest review. The items used are sponsored but the opinions herein are mine and mine alone.

While I awaited my package from Aleva Naturals, I took it upon myself to do a little research on them. I checked out their website (go here for information AND to order!9) and was blown away.

For my collaboration, I worked with the lovely Minji, who made sure I got everything I needed to do a solid review. Even in the midst of our shipping snafu, Minji worked diligently to get the package rerouted to me. (I learned a bit more about international post--learning is always good!)

I was so super excited to get my package (even with the FedEx snafu, it arrived pretty quickly), so super excited that I did an unboxing video, which you can view here.

That box was packed to the brim with organic skincare goodness, y'all. I received the folowing full-size items:

☞ Calendula+ Multipurpose Skin Remedy
☞ 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash
☞ Daily Soothing Moisturizer
☞ Bamboo Baby Wipes
☞ Bamboo Pacifier & Toy Wipes

Having researched the ingredients, I knew none of them would irritate me or Baby Namastè, so I was excited for his bath. Which ended up happening around 5 that evening because he made a glorious mess with his food.

Let me say this--this stuff smells so nice. Lemongrass and lavender, undertones of chamomile and a slight hint of rose. It's rare to find natural products that aren't shea butter based, also. (Nothing against shea butter--I just don't prefer it.)

Baby Namastè enjoyed splashing in that good smelling lather, and the moisturizer is so luxe. He was notably more relaxed after his bath and massage.

I have never tried bamboo wipes before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I certainly wasn't expecting them to be so soft, almost like a cloth! (When I think bamboo, I think wood! Sue me. *chuckles*) The wipes smell lemony, and it only takes one or two to thoroughly clean even a soft bowel movement.

Baby Namastè has never had the easiest time of using wipes. We found one national brand that he can tolerate, but these Aleva Naturals wipes have impressed me greatly. He has not had any redness or anything with them!

The pacifier and toy wipes have proven indispensable for when we are out and about with his various teethers and his Jollypop. (The infamous orange paci.)


I keep our Calendula+ in our diaper bag. I like to use it in his little cheeks to protect them from this nippy Georgia wind.

I definitely enjoy using these products with Baby Namastè. The wipes have even inspired me to create a few more cloth diapers! I want to use what's best for him, and I know pure, natural, organic products are the bee's knees.

I'm about to jump into this catalog and get the entire product line. We need. Ire wipes fornsure, and I'm interested in seeing and using more Aleva Naturals.


-- Tayè K. ♡

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