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Monday, November 14, 2016



I hope you're experiencing copious amounts thereof this evening.

I'm in a bit of a funk. Holidays just aren't the toast for me, and this year promises to be more of the same because the metaphorical clouds of sadness are already appearing.

No worries--this has a bright spot.

As you know, I've been searching for the right bottle to get the tiniest Namastè through teething AND to ensure he's able to get his milkies as long as humanly possible. I'm all in with nursing but my health has taken a hit with this weather change. Migraines and trigeminal neuralgia, along with the stress of making the new casa feel like our Castle have me beyond glad for his milkies stash--and beyond stressed that he alternates between nursing strikes and bottle strikes.

I've done a ton of product research lately, between gearing up for my HoliTAYÈ Expo given with Mamastè AND checking out the things I blog about. (I'm a scientist with this! I always try to give the most current facts, because mommy'ing is some hard work and good information is the best armor.)

I happened upon the Mimijumi and at first, I thought it was just cute. When I read more in depth, this bottle really grabbed my attention. In addition to being anti-colic, the Mimi (as we affectionately call it) prevents nipple confusion.  We weren't overly concerned about that part, but the Mimi requires the exact same suckling technique as breastfeeding. Read: Baby has to latch just like when they're feeding straight from the source. Baby Namastè's latch was long fought and hard won, and while nipple confusion wasn't a concern, I certainly didn't want to compromise that latch.

The Mimi is quite the funky, futuristic looking little bottle. It looks amazingly like a boob! It's just super cute. It has three pieces, four if you remove the nonslip piece on the bottom. Of course it is BPA free, easy to wash,  and boasts an all substance, no gimmick profile. 

But I was still worried. Baby Namastè's teething. At present he hates ALL his bottles  (and we have many) and he refuses to take one from me 99.998% of the time anyway. Lately he's been balking at taking one from his dad and even his favorite uncle. No one else has been able to feed him, so I have been pumping and nursing, and bottle feeding when all else fails. He's not into solids as of late, so that milk is literally all too important.

When our Mimi arrived he was curious about it. He liked the red cap and foot. I let him play with it a while to familiarize himself with it. Baby Namastè is a decisive kid--he either likes a thing or he simply cannot abide a thing.

The Mimi thing?

The Dude abideth.

He enjoyed playing with it. The real test was looming in the form of a nighttime bottle battle. He wasn't up to nursing and not a single other bottle would do so far. Again, we have many--we haven't been brave enough to throw any of them away, as the one we toss would end up being the only bottle in the world that he would consider accepting.

I pumped and decided to give him that exact fresh milk, in this exact Mimi. (The "Not So Hungry" baby bottle.)

At first he went into his head turning protest mode. Then he mouthed the bottle a little. (Previous battles indicate this would be the point where he began fussing at us in his baby language, followed by a toss of the offending bottle and a resounding screech.

...but then...

I saw those little cheeks. He does this thing with his jaws when he nurses--you can see his smile dimples somehow. I saw the dimples!

He was taking the Mimi, HAPPILY. The dimples don't lie. 

We thought it might be a novelty thing, so we decided to try again the next day.

Here we are in week 2, and he's no longer on a strike  (those never last long) BUT he is still loving his Mimi.

I originally wanted to get my hands on this bottle for the blog and my HoliTAYÈ Expo, but it quickly became more than just a promo product. I read the website and I knew about the staggering success rate Mimijumi has, but it didn't hit home until I was one of those parents at her wits' end over the bottle battle. Nursing strikes are HARD.

Working with this company has been a pure joy. I am so impressed with how they treat each customer. Many companies have Facebook pages, and some even accept messages, but the people at Mimijumi go above and beyond. They are usually available and will answer questions and provide tips to help you decide about your purchase. They stand behind these bottles 100 percent, even to the point of offering an ironclad total refund if you aren't happy. You can send the bottle back, get a full refund, and it's no more hassle than ordering in the first place.

That's not the biggest star in their crown, though. I. Addition to boasting an impressive success rate, Mimijumi is a true conscientious company. By that I mean they don't just sell a product--they give back. They sterilize and DONATE returned bottles to children in need. Instead of putting those bottles in a landfill or destroying them as lost profit, they DONATE them.

Family Namastè has seen some hard times. We lost everything in the tail end of 2015, and let me tell you, IT IS A SLOW CLIMB BACK UP WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN KNOCKED DOWN! Now that we have bounced back, we are VERY serious about being an active asset in our community and finding ways to pay it forward. That's how Mamastè came to be. While I definitely won't be returning Baby Namastè's Mimi, I will he purchasing a couple sets to pass along to some good families.

I have never been prouder to feature a company on my blog, my Facebook, or my kitchen counter...when it's not in Baby Namastè's hands of course.

As always, I hope I've been of some assistance if you're looking for your own perfect bottle or just some good information. 


-- Tayè K. ♡

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